RATOS DE PORÃO and NUCLEAR are heading to Europe! South American monsters RATOS DE PORÃO and NUCLEAR are coming to good old Europe this September to share a chunk of thick gooey thrash and punk mess with the Old World pits!

The legendary Brazilian thrash punk crew RATOS DE PORÃO have formed in São Paulo in 1981 and ever since is exploring and blending the most aggressive genres you can ever find. With the explosive mix of crossover thrash, hardcore and punk in their latest album SÉCULO SINISTRO, the band is as fit as in 1981, and is totally ready to punch you in the face!

The tour is supported by NUCLEAR, the one and only pioneers of the new wave of Chilean metal, spitting out an extreme sonic mixture of thrash, death metal, and punk music. The band brings the European mobs their last work FORMULA FOR ANARCHY, a genuine hardcore-tinged thrash fest of madness.

Kapunyitás: 20.00 Concert starts at:21:00

2490 Ft 2990 Ft / 3490 Ft

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