Our ars poetica is fairly simple: we only want a club that is neat and up-to-date, where the most important thing is the music. What matters is what’s blasting through the speakers and how it sounds. This is the most essential part of the Amper Klub.

If we look at the hardware, it’s a high-end sound system that knows no compromises – it’s called Funktion-One and it connects the crowd with the dj in the worlds leading clubs. Of course, the hardware’s duty is to provide an ideal background for the software, which is the music in our case. It’s tough to describe the club’s musical horizon, since it’s main goal is to be the home of the electronic music scene, where the main driving force is quality, not popularity. There will be a long list of djs coming to Pécs starting with CASPA, who’s a demigod of the London dubstep scene. He will be the first to play in the Amper Klub, on the 4th of October!

The Amper Klub will not be a new disco in Pécs! It’s more likely to be the natural aspiration of the party culture, to finally have a club where contemporary artists can perform. So we can promise, there will be no Bárány Attila or „Giant Short Skirt Party” in our program. On the other hand, our driver pal will learn every corner between the Ferihegy Airport and the Czinderi street in a really short time.

For the newest information regarding the club, follow our page – and we will be waiting for you on our opening night, on the 4th of October!